Home Inspection East Orange NJ

For a trusted home inspection in East Orange NJ, residents know they can rely on Shakes & Shingles Home Inspections. Our experience in real estate and business has given us the professionalism and knowledge of real estate our customers want before making what could be one of their largest purchases. With 15 years of experience in in property investment, renovations, and resales, we meet our mission to give you the confidence to understand your home and the major systems of the home. Call us today to schedule your home inspection and get started on owning your dream home!

Home Inspection

Ensure your home or future home is working properly and soundly built with our home inspections. Our licensed inspectors will provide an in-depth review of the interior and exterior of the home taking notes and images of any areas of concern. Within 2 days of the inspection, each client receives an easy-to-read report. In addition to the areas of concern, our reports feature a Repair Request Document generator for our agent partners to ask for repairs or concessions. The home inspection will include all major systems such as electrical, plumbing and HVAC, and all areas from the roof to the foundation. We also include exterior of the property, garage doors, walkways, and more. Call today to schedule your home inspection and learn why our customers rely on Shakes & Shingles Home Inspections for trusted home inspections.

Radon Testing

Whether you are purchasing a newly constructed home or an older home, we suggest radon testing. Radon is a byproduct of the natural breakdown of elements in the ground that can seep into your home. Due to its invisible and odorless nature it can only be detected through testing. We are professionally trained to determine the levels of radon present in your home. Schedule your radon testing for peace of mind today.

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