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Our founder, Joshua Woodby, has been active in the real estate industry for over 15 years via property investment, renovations and re-sales. His previous work experience in operations (financial trade, hospitality and sales) were founded in determining how best a business or project should be run, identifying potential issues and advising on how to address them.

This is the same process used in evaluating the homes he’s purchased and how he approaches every home inspection for our clients. First, review and observe the home’s structure and how its systems run. Then compare this against his extensive knowledge on how systems should run and how structures should be built. Lastly, identify the current issues and risks within the home including potential future repairs and maintenance needed for critical systems.

After living and working in the tri-state area for 10+ years, Josh’s experience covers a range of home types – from the 6000+ square foot mansion to the hi-rise penthouse to the country farmhouse to the charming townhome.

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